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A passionate artist with a flexible cartoon drawing style and is adaptable to any work environment.

Softwares Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Corel Draw, and ToonBoom Harmony.
Skills Digital 2D Animation, Character designing, Illustration, Sequential Art, Caricature.

Facebook www.facebook.comFebruary – April 2017 – Contract Animator

Artist creating animated stickers for social media applications.

Wild Canarywww.wildcanary.comJanuary 2017 – Contract Artist

Artist on children book covers for (undisclosed) animated series.

Ntropichttp://www.ntropic.com2015 & 2016 – Contract Animator

Animator on several animated shots of the short Film “FRAMED: The Adventure of Zion Man”.

Animator on 2D animation elements of a commercial short for Crunchyroll.

Locust Moon Press – – October – November 2016 – Contract Artist

Interior comic book artist for short story “Jason and the Argonauts”.

Hyperbolic Media LLC – – July – September 2016 – Contract Artist

Character design and Storyboards artist for short film “Action Dinosaur”.

SilverToonswww.silvertoons.comOctober 2014 & October 2015Contract artist

Artist on poster designs for 2 (undisclosed) animated series with artist Stephen Silver.

Jesse – Spring 2012 – Contract Artist

Sequential artist for the comic book short “Sunday at the Park” by writer Jesse Young.
Education Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA – 2012-2016 – BFA in Animation and VFX
2016 – Runner Up for AAU’s Spring Animation Festival for “Background Painting and Layout Design”
2015 – 5th Place Winner – 24-Hour Animation Contest as the Director and Animator of team “Cartoonista.” I also helped organize and plan the event at the AAU.
2013 – 3rd Place Winner – 24-Hour Animation Contest, where I worked as a Character designer, Background designer, and Animator.
2014 – 1st Place Winner for AAU’s Spring Animation Festival for “2D Animation Test”.
2015 – 1st Place Winner for AAU’s Spring Animation Festival for “2D Short Film Pencil Test”.
2013 – AAU’s Tea Time Animation Club’s 2013 AniSlam “Singin’ in the Rain”- Shot 56, Animator.
2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 Several artworks featured in AAU’s annual Spring Show.
References will be provided upon request.